About Mark

Permaculture design consultant Mark Garret is passionate about living harmoniously with nature and dedicated to achieving low cost, sustainable eco systems that benefit both the planet and the people who live and work in them.

By observing nature and understanding how it operates, he creates low carbon, green systems where energy is conserved by removing the need for fossil fuel, waste is turned into a useful resource, water is saved and re-used, vital minerals and nutrients in the soil are naturally regenerated and pests are controlled without using harmful chemicals.

These principles are the basic building blocks of Permaculture and Mark Garrett has been applying them to every project he has designed for more than 20 years.

“I was first introduced to Permaculture in 1985 when I saw a documentary on the subject and thought it made so much sense that I pulled up my concrete driveway and planted trees all around my house” Mark explains. “That initial eureka moment led to me studying for a Permaculture Design Certificate at Melbourne University and travelling extensively around the world to observe traditional gardening techniques and building designs. As the old saying goes, ‘nature is the best teacher’ and Permaculture provides positive solutions for us all, to create environmentally sustainable, harmonious and abundant ways of living.”

Mark’s design portfolio is extensive and includes creating sustainable homes using Permaculture design principles, building a Permaculture demonstration site on two acres of sub-tropical land in south east Queensland Australia, designing an organic waste to wealth and recycle centre in Indonesia, creating a Permaculture Outdoor Class Room for  Six Senses Resorts and Spas in the Maldives and designing numerous gardens for private clients in locations as diverse as Australia, Malibu and Barbados.

In 2009, Mark consolidated his theoretical knowledge and his 20-plus years’ experience of applying Permaculture techniques in Tropical and Sub Tropical climates by establishing the Mark Garrett Permaculture Design Consultancy. He now consults on Permaculture Design and Sustainability Solutions for a wide range of projects for both private and corporate clients world-wide. In addition, he teaches Permaculture Design Principles and is a regular contributor to conferences and seminars on this subject.