Hati Suci Bali – Design of Eco Retreat

Client:Hati Suci, Bali
Date:Jan 03, 2012

Project brief

Design a master plan for a boutique eco-retreat in a tropical mountain climate incorporating resident and guest accommodation, food production and waste management systems on an area of 1800m2.

Project aims

Maximise all available space and incorporate all the client’s requirements for living on site, hosting guests and managing the holistic eco-retreat.

Project outcomes

The design successfully accommodated all structures and services for the operation of the eco-retreat on the space available. The design included sustainable organic food gardens, Organic Wealth Centre, water harvesting and use of nutrient rich septic water.

Project highlight

The eco-retreat features recycled traditional Java houses placed across earth retainer walls, this clever placement allowed for greater use of flat land for food production, and created space beneath each building, which acts as a natural climate control.