Maldives – Six Senses Resorts and Spas

Client:Six Senses Resorts and Spas
Date:Jan 04, 2012

Project brief

Regional Permaculturist with managerial responsibilities for Soneva Gilli and Six Senses Laamu resorts, based at the Six Senses flagship resort, Soneva Fushi.

Project aims

To develop waste management solutions and strategies for processing resort generated organic and non-organic waste at Eco Centro Soneva Fushi.  Bespoke designed Eco Centro’s to be built on sister resorts Soneva Gilli and Six Senses Laamu. Increase organic food production output and varieties of vegetables, herbs, spices and fruits across all three resorts, while educating staff, community and international guests on global climate change solutions using Permaculture ethics and principles.

Project outcomes

Food production yields and varieties increased through efficient waste management solutions and systems that produced sustainable organic fertilizes which improved soil health for growing healthy vegetables, herbs, spices and fruits. These strategies led to lower food costs and higher revenues.

By using waste to grow food, produce renewable energy and sequester carbon the overall carbon footprint of Soneva Fushi was significantly reduced and it was recognized as a world leader in sustainable tourism.

Key Discoveries

Eco Centros were designed by Mark Garrett and were built on Soneva Gilli and Six Senses Laamu resorts. Mark showcased Eco Centro, Sonova Fushi to world leaders during the Slow Life Symposium in 2011.