Mustique Island Company

Client:Mustique Island Company
Date:Jan 03, 2012

Project brief

To design and run a Permaculture course specific to the needs of The Mustique Company and private villa garden staff, managers and owners.

Additional projects included the redesign and project management of a retrofit of Mustique Island’s Rutland Orchard and Animal Park.

Project aims

The “Tropical Permaculture Gardener’s Course for a Sustainable Mustique Island; Using What You Have” ran over 8 weeks giving students a theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of how to garden in the tropics sustainably using locally available resources to improve soil health, reduce water consumption and manage waste to build “Healthy Soil for Healthy Plants, Healthy People and a Healthy Environment “without the use of chemical fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides.

Project outcomes

Over 75 Mustique Island Company and private villa garden staff, and enthusiastic homeowners attended the course. Attendants applied their learnt practical skills, transforming Rutland Orchard into an Outdoor Permaculture Classroom for all island residents and the local community to see firsthand implementation of tropical Permaculture systems.

Temperature controlled animal shelters were built from recycled car tyres at the Animal Park with water catchment gravity fed from shelter roof to drinking trough.

Project highlight

The attendance rate and commitment of all students exceeded expectations. As a result of the training two villa owners commissions a garden redesign and installation, and requested further training of their garden team, delivered during the garden installation.