Necker Island – British Virgin Islands

Client:Virgin Group
Date:Jan 03, 2012

Project brief

The client’s sought a sustainable design solution through Permaculture principles that would support its existing ‘Pathway to a Sustainable Tourism Future’. Specifically the client wanted the design for a cost effective:

  • Sustainable waste management system; and
  • Organic food production system

Project aims

These systems are designed to result in a significant reduction in cost, through lower food importation requirements by processing organic and non organic waste on the island to improve soil health to grow up to 80% of the islands fruit, herbs, vegetable and spice needs. The overall benefit of the design is to lower Necker Island’s carbon footprint and to be an example of what can be done in a remote area requiring solutions to food security and waste management.

Project outcomes

A design for an Organic Wealth Centre that incorporates systems for processing wood waste to mulch and charcoal to be combined with food waste for compost, bio – charcoal and other organic fertilizers. The overall system turns waste into soil food for sustainable food production. It is projected that, once in full production, up to 80% of all fruit, herbs and vegetables (for up to 80 guests and staff) could be produced from the organic garden.