Nirvana Garden – Mustique Island

Date:Jan 03, 2012

Project brief

To establish a vegetable garden and food forest using Permaculture designed systems and solutions. The garden team to be trained in Permaculture principles for sustainable gardening and landscaping.

Project aims

Design and installation of a vegetable garden and food forest, design and landscaping of driveway and garden storage area to create privacy from neighbouring villa.

To incorporate and teach techniques designed to drought proof the land by improving soil condition, allowing harvested tropical rains to be stored in the soil and preventing soil erosion.

Project outcomes

The raised keyhole vegetable garden and food forest designed on contoured swales saw all plantings thrive in dry conditions. Sheet mulching, pruning and compost application solutions taught to the garden team rejuvenated existing plants.

Project highlight

On completion of the garden in a short time wild life including manicou, turtles and iguana returned to the garden in increased numbers due to the changing ecosystem resulting from successful soil building techniques, plant selection and structural garden design.