Bambu Indah, Bali

Client:Bambu Indah
Date:Jan 03, 2012

Project brief

Bambu Indah, Ubud’s eco-luxury boutique hotel wanted to improve the growing of sustainable organic food for the resort’s restaurant. This required a re-design of the existing gardens, and solutions to improve soil conditions. Mark Garrett Permaculture provided Permaculture designed solutions and strategies.

Project aims

One of the project aims was education of the Bambu Indah garden team in the daily application of Permaculture principles, to increase garden and animal system productivity.

Project outcomes

The design and installation of an ‘Organic Wealth Centre’ in which all food waste from the restaurant is now processed and from which bio-fertilizers, composts and worm castings are produced and used to improve soil conditions. A recycle depot for non-organic waste and a seed-raising nursery were included in the design and installation.

With the infrastructure in place, vegetable production in the garden doubled over a four-month period.

Garden staff benefitted from the education program, developing entrepreneurial skills, and being rewarded for their hard work and commitment to sustainable farming practices.

Weekly ‘Introduction to Permaculture’ half-day workshops were held on site for five months. These workshops were open to the public and garden staff from Bambu Indah, Green School and Green Village.

Project highlight

Slow Food Bali held a “ Garden to Plate” dinner to celebrate garden to plate food production systems, with all food sourced from the Bambu Indah gardens and prepared by Michellen star chef Bjorn Van Der Horst.