Alila Villas Soori – Bali

Client:Alila Villas Soori
Date:Jan 03, 2012

Project brief

In Residence Permaculture design consultant to share unique garden techniques to cultivate healthy plants through compost systems using resort waste in soils that are considered unsuitable.

Project aims

To conduct introductory classes on Permaculture and sustainable living and give garden tours combined with demonstrations on how to grow soil for sustainable organic food production. Incorporate information on efficient design and use of resources locally available.

Project outcomes

Designed a no-dig raised sustainable garden using organic waste generated on site. The design incorporated local plant species that supplied nitrogen, biomass and essential soil food, and acted as a living garden edge.

Project highlight

Solutions for growing soil needed to consider the available food waste output and limited labor. One system was ‘Worm Restaurants’ – pipes (with worm holes drilled in them) buried in the garden bed and filled with food waste to encourage earthworms into the bed. A positive effect of the earthworms return was the breaking up of clay soil for air and water to enter.