Akuo Energy – France

Client:Akuo Energy
Date:Jan 03, 2012

Project brief

Akuo Energy is an independent French producer of electricity from renewable sources. The group develops particular projects of Agrinergie, combining solar energy production and various forms of farming and food production. Permaculture design is a natural fit.

A Permaculture audit of the Verrerie (France) solar site of 34 hectares to assess a variety of environmental and agriculture issues.

Project aims

To provide the client with enough information to decide which Permaculture designed solutions are most suitable to address a variety of issues identified.

Main outcomes

Solutions proposed using Permaculture design principles following the audit included:

  1. Sustainable regeneration of site soil through low cost, high yeilding methods that increase soil health, and prevent soil erosion and nutrient loss.
  2. The selection of local resiliant plant varieties that would provide a diversity of sustainable food sources for grazing animals and foraging bees.
  3. The design of a water management solution for the entire site.
  4. Specific water harvesting, storage and supply strategies for animal and bee needs.
  5. Proposing crop varieties, suitable for the site, which will lead to additional income streams for local farmers and community.